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Reward Points 会员积分

Reward Points System :

During normal season, any dollar spend with us will earn you 1 points. ( Excluding any domestic tax paid, eg : GST )

Every 100 points can entitled for RM 1 cash exchange. 

To redeem your points with cash voucher, kindly email your details ( Full Name as Per IC/Passport, Contact Number and points you want to redeem ) to We will respond to you within 48 hours.

From time to time, we might do the promotion by increasing the reward points with every dollar spent, kindly visit our store from time to time for the promotion.

For further enquiry,

kindly whatsapp to +6012.2843320 or

add our wechat ( Official Account) : TAKEAWARE or TAKEAWARE_com

Telegram : @TAKEAWARE

会员积分系统 :



要更换现金礼券,只需要发个电邮于 ( 或 SMS 至+6012.2843320  ,同时提供你的 个人资料 ( 身份证上的名字,联络号码及想要换取的积分 ),我们的专员将于48小时内更新你户口内可永的现金礼券。

如有任何询问,欢迎联系 :

whatsapp  +6012.2843320,

add our 微信公众号 : TAKEAWARE or TAKEAWARE_com

Telegram : @TAKEAWARE