Supplier and producer

TakeAware is both a supplier and a producer. This combination ensures a minimum number of links. We import our goods ourselves from different countries and deliver directly to the end user.

Lowest prices

The fact that we are both a producer and supplier enables us to offer our friendly disposables at keen prices. Our entire process is designed in such a way that involves as few intermediaries as possible. And fewer intermediaries mean lower costs and therefore a lower price!

High stock

In order to be able to promote sustainability, it is important that you can always choose a more sustainable option. And to achieve that, we always have a large stock of disposables on hand! This not only ensures continuity but also provides you with a clear expectation. Once you have placed an order, we make sure that the products reach you as quickly as possible. How do we do that? Straight from our own distribution center in the northern part of the country!

Step by step towards sustainability

Our mission is to make the world more sustainable step by step. In doing so, we put the customer at the center and aim to provide as much support as possible. We offer sustainable alternatives, so that everyone can transition to sustainability at their own pace. Additionally, we are always ready for our customers. We answer questions, provide non-binding advice, are open for a friendly chat, and offer competitive prices!

Curious about what we can do for you? Get in touch with us through the contact form or call us at 050 747 00 03.