4 tips for more sustainable entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry

Sustainable entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly important, not only for business owners but also for customers. It's a missed opportunity if you don't capitalize on this trend! Do you own a restaurant, lunchroom, or other hospitality business and want to become more sustainable? There are several things you can do. Don't know where to start? We've got some tips for you.

More sustainable disposables

Do you offer takeout or delivery? Choose sustainable disposables such as paper bags, sugarcane burger boxes, and palm leaf plates instead of plastic bags and containers. These products are not only more sustainable but also much more aesthetically pleasing than plastic packaging. Doesn't fries in a cardboard box look much more attractive than in a plain plastic container?

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Energy-efficient appliances

The biggest gains can usually be made in the kitchen. Old stoves, ovens, and other appliances often consume a lot of energy. Replace them with new energy-efficient appliances, and you've already taken a big step towards sustainable entrepreneurship. A nice bonus: it's not only more sustainable, but it can also save you a lot of energy costs. A win-win situation!

Throwing it away is a sin

Do you throw away a lot of food at the end of the day? Take a critical look at your menu, purchasing policy, and portion sizes. Perhaps you could reduce the number of options on the menu so that fewer ingredients need to be purchased. You could also reduce the portions of dishes that are often not fully eaten. If you have leftover ingredients, try to be creative with them. Waste not, want not!

A more sustainable menu

Today, we all know that the meat industry is one of the biggest polluters. Do you serve a lot of meat and want to become more sustainable? This is an area where a lot can be gained. Reduce your meat purchases and add more vegetarian options to the menu. Also, try to buy as locally as possible and use seasonal products.

In addition to these four tips, there are many more opportunities to make your business more sustainable. Think of more sustainable energy sources, waste separation, more sustainable lighting, etc. Need help choosing sustainable disposables? Contact us.