5 creative and practical tips for using disposables

In recent years we have become increasingly aware of how harmful plastic is to the environment. This awareness has led to a growing interest in sustainable products, especially sustainable disposable items. These disposables are seen as part of the solution for plastic litter in the ocean.

Our products are mainly sold to catering companies, but that does not mean that they can only be used there! In this blog we share five creative and practical ways to use sustainable disposables to contribute to reducing plastic waste in the environment.

Duurzame disposables

1. Napkins as wrapping material

Napkins are not only useful to prevent spills or as table decoration, they can also be used as wrapping material. Use durable napkins instead of Styrofoam, plastic bags or other disposable packaging materials to protect fragile items during shipping. In addition, it is also possible to wrap small gifts, such as jewelry and soaps, with napkins.

2. Using sustainable disposables for festivals

If you've ever been to a festival or any other event, you probably know how much trash is left behind afterwards. There is a simple solution to contribute to reducing waste - sustainable disposable products! Think, for example, of biodegradable plates, cutlery and cups. In our digital shelves you will find various biodegradable disposables, recognizable by the green BIO logo at the bottom of the product photo.

3. Printed coffee cups in the office

Making products more sustainable is becoming increasingly necessary due to specific laws and regulations. The plastic coffee cups in the office will also have their turn. Although plastic cups are not yet banned, they do contribute to the well-known plastic soup. That is why it is smart to switch to coffee cups made from sustainable materials or reusable cups now. And how nice is it to have printed coffee cups with your own logo or slogan at the office? Contact us and our creatives will provide a free professional design!

4. Pack lunch in sustainable disposables

In the morning before you go to work, quickly spread a sandwich and put it in a plastic bag, we've all done it. It's just not very environmentally friendly. Rather use a lunch box, sustainable snack bags or reusable meal bowls if you fancy a salad or hot meal. These products are not only good for the environment, but they also keep your sandwiches and meals fresh.

5. Snack bags as gift packaging

Snack bags can not only be used for snacks or packing your lunch. They are also very practical for wrapping presents. Put a bow or ribbon around it and voilà! Our bags are made of paper and are 100% biodegradable. Want more sustainable packing tips? Then quickly read our blog in which we also give tips for sustainable gifts.

Snackzakken als cadeauverpakking

TakeAware is the cheapest in sustainable disposables

At TakeAware, we do not sell ordinary packaging material. In our digital shelves you will find more sustainable alternatives to disposables, often made from plant-based materials. Many of our products contribute to a circular economy, where waste is given a second life and converted into packaging. Our focus is on Friendly Disposables. We are taking steps in this direction, but do not want to make it too heavy. This is how we help you to become more sustainable one step at a time! We make it easy for you to order more sustainable alternatives using our wide range. And we also offer the best value for money! Order today and contribute to a future without plastic soup.