All about EN-13432: The standard for compostability

In our digital shelves we offer various products that state that they are fully compostable according to the EN-13432 standard. But what does this actually mean? In this blog post we explain what this standard entails, how products can be certified and what benefits it entails.


What is EN-13432?

The EN-13432 is a European standard that specifies specific criteria and test methods for the compostability and biodegradability of packaging and products.

Products and packaging that comply with EN-13432 are certified by recognized bodies. Obtaining certification allows manufacturers to use labels and logos that indicate that their products meet the standard. This offers the customer the certainty that they are purchasing sustainable and compostable products.

What criteria must products meet?

To comply with EN-13432, materials must meet specific criteria. They are tested for compostability, biodegradation, disintegration, absence of harmful effects and compost quality. These criteria ensure that products can be broken down in a responsible manner and converted into valuable compost.

If products meet the set criteria, they may be disposed of with organic waste. This has a positive effect, because organic waste no longer ends up in the regular waste. Food scraps can now be put in one container together with the disposable items, so that separate separation is no longer necessary.

It is important to know that the EN-13432 standard is aimed at industrial composting plants. Home composting may require different criteria and proper sorting and handling of disposables is essential. Only by following the correct waste disposal guidelines can you fully exploit the compostability of products.

The benefits of EN-13432

The use of products that comply with EN-13432 brings several advantages. First, these products are compostable, meaning they can be broken down and turned into valuable compost. This reduces waste and contributes to a circular economy. In addition, the use of compostable packaging reduces the dependence on traditional plastics and their harmful consequences for the environment.

Palmblad disposables

Sustainable disposables that comply with EN-13432

You will not find ordinary packaging material on our digital shelves. We offer (more) sustainable alternatives to disposables, often made from plant-based materials. Most of the products in our range contribute to a circular economy, where waste is given a second life and converted into packaging. At TakeAware you will also find various compostable disposables that comply with EN-13432. For example, all our plates and palm leaf disposables are 100% compostable. Curious about the rest of our range? You can find it here.