All you need to know about rPET

Plastic waste is a major problem in our society and has a devastating effect on our environment. Every year, millions of tons of plastic end up in our oceans and rivers, which has serious consequences for the animals that live in and around these waters. Fortunately, there are solutions that can contribute to a cleaner future, rPET is one of them. In this blog we take a closer look at the rPET material, its benefits and how it contributes to a circular economy.

Plastic bottles

What is rPET?

rPET is an abbreviation for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, a sustainable material made from collected soft drink bottles. After these bottles are collected and sorted by material, they undergo a rigorous process of sorting, grinding and washing to obtain the clean recycled plastic. This material can then be melted down and used to make new products, such as water bottles and packaging. The use of rPET contributes to a circular economy, because less new plastic is produced and existing material is used.

What are the benefits of recycled plastic?

Recycled plastic is considerably less harmful to the environment and is therefore the best way to contribute to a more sustainable environment. Reusing plastic waste has several advantages:

  • By reusing plastic waste, less plastic is thrown away, which reduces the amount of waste in landfills and in the ocean. rPET bottles and packaging can be recycled again after use and processed into a sturdy, high-quality material.
  • The use of rPET ensures a greatly reduced CO2 footprint. Recycling plastic reduces greenhouse gas emissions, as less energy is needed to melt recycled plastic.
  • The use of recycled plastic contributes to a circular economy, in which materials are reused and waste is reduced.

Does rPET fall under the SUP directive?

The Single Use Plastics (SUP) directive is an important initiative of the European Union to reduce the amount of plastic waste. For example, in 2021 there will be a ban on all plastic disposable cutlery and plates; also that of rPET. All cups and containers made from rPET must also contain the 'Made of Plastic' logo since 2022.

Although the SUP guideline focuses on reducing the use of single-use plastics, it is important to note that rPET does offer a sustainable alternative to virgin plastic. Would you like more information about the SUP measures? You can find it here.

Recycled plastic bottles with juice

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