Do you want to buy plastic straws? This is why you won't find them anywhere

Plastic straws were once an everyday utensil that you could find almost everywhere: in restaurants, fast food chains, supermarkets and even in your own kitchen drawer. But nowadays you can't buy them everywhere. Why? The answer is simple: plastic straws are outdated because they cause many environmental problems. In this blog, we take a closer look at these issues and discuss sustainable alternatives to plastic straws.

Plastic rietjes

The impact of plastic straws on the environment

For years it was very common to get a plastic straw in your cocktail or smoothie to go. With growing concerns about the impact of plastic waste on the environment, many countries have begun banning or restricting the use of plastic straws in recent years. Instead, more sustainable alternatives, such as cardboard or paper straws, are becoming increasingly popular.

The step towards more sustainable alternatives to plastic straws has been taken because of the plastic pollution they cause in seas and oceans. Due to their light weight and small size, they are easily carried away by wind and currents and end up in the water or in other places in nature. Plastic that is not processed after use only decomposes into small particles called microplastics after decades. Our oceans are not only full of plastic straws, other plastic disposable items such as bags and packaging also contribute to the plastic soup. As a result, animals ingest the plastic, become entangled in it and their ecosystems are affected.

The production of plastic straws also requires oil, gas and other scarce resources. This harms the environment and contributes to the depletion of natural resources. In addition, the production of plastic straws also causes air and water pollution.

Ban on disposable plastic straws

It is of course not surprising that with the major impact that plastic straws and other plastic disposables have on the environment, the European Union is taking drastic measures. With the help of the Singel Use Plastics Directive, the EU is trying to reduce the share of single-use plastic in litter and in the ocean. Since 3 July 2021, a number of plastic disposable items, including plastic straws, have been banned. The ban on plastic straws and SUP legislation affect companies that buy and sell these products. Businesses must find alternatives to disposable plastic straws and other single-use plastic products to comply with the new legislation. On our website you will find a wide range of plastic-free disposables. Would you like to know more about the SUP legislation and the measures that await us in the future? Here you can read all the new updates and important information!

Do you want to buy straws? Choose paper straws or wicker straws

Why look for plastic straws when better alternatives are available? At TakeAware we do not sell ordinary disposables. We always strive for more sustainable alternatives to disposable products, often made from plant-based materials. This also applies to our straws, which are all 100% biodegradable. We strive for a world without plastic and without plastic soup! Are you participating? In our range you will find both paper straws in different colors and wicker straws.