Discover our own series of plastic-free sugarcane snack containers

With pride, we present our self-produced, entirely plastic-free series of sugarcane A-containers! These containers are not just packaging material; they are the latest addition to our range of Friendly Disposables, designed with a clear mission – to provide more sustainable alternatives to disposables. Take a moment to discover how these containers not only keep your snacks fresh but also contribute to a greener future.

Sugarcane snack containers

A brief history of TakeAware

TakeAware, dedicated for years to reducing the ecological impact of disposable products, has always focused on providing environmentally friendly alternatives. Our journey began with a clear motivation – finding sustainable solutions for the growing issues of plastic waste and environmental pollution. This dedication propelled the development of our own sugarcane line.

Sugarcane, our favourite!

What makes these containers so special? The secret lies in sugarcane pulp, also known as bagasse. This natural byproduct is formed after pressing sugarcane to extract juice. Through heat and pressure, the pulp is compressed and shaped into the containers you now find on our digital shelves. But why is sugarcane pulp a sustainable alternative?

Sugarcane (pulp) is not only renewable but also contributes to reducing waste and the carbon footprint. The use of this natural material is a step toward a circular economy, where we reuse waste to give it a new life as a functional and sustainable packaging.

We also list some benefits of our sugarcane containers for you:

  • Made from a natural and renewable material
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Completely plastic-free and PFAS-free
  • Insulating and heat-resistant
  • Dimensionally stable and very strong
  • Microwave-safe

Snacks in suikerriet bakjes

An overview of our sugarcane snack containers

Our complete selection consists of the following sugarcane containers:

  • Snack bowl V1
  • Snack bowl V3
  • Croquette containers A5
  • Chips containers A7
  • Chips containers A9
  • Chips containers A13
  • Chips containers A14
  • Sausage containers A16
  • Sausage containers A16B (wide)
  • Sausage containers A16D (double)
  • Sausage containers A16L (long)
  • Sausage containers A18
  • Chips containers A20 (A14+1)
  • Chips containers A22 (A9+1)
  • Chips containers A23 (A7+1)
  • Chips containers A50

As you can see, it's a broad collection! We continuously strive to innovate with sustainable products, and in addition, we offer our disposables at competitive prices. Feel free to browse the rest of our range or order our sugarcane snack containers right away!