Fries from a cone bag: sustainable and delicious!

Would you rather say chips or fries? In any case, you prefer to eat this tasty snack with your hands. But, what do you serve it in? Many snack bars still use plastic trays and that is of course not very environmentally friendly. Fortunately, more and more shops are switching to sustainable trays, bags, scoops or cone bags. In this article we take a closer look at the cone bags. The traditional way of eating fries is from a cone for a reason! Why is plastic really no longer an option and what are the advantages of cone bags compared to other snack packaging?

Puntzak met friet

Why can't plastic containers really be used anymore?

Why are plastic chip trays actually bad? Here are the biggest disadvantages of plastic containers:

  • The production of plastic requires a lot of energy and raw materials and is also responsible for a large part of CO2 emissions.
  • We have already mentioned it in other blogs: the plastic soup. The term refers to all plastic pollution in the ocean. Plastic containers are very harmful to the environment because they are not degradable. They end up on the waste mountain or in the sewer and flow on to the sea. Animals then ingest the plastic particles, become entangled in them and their ecosystem is affected.
  • Giving free plastic snack trays to consumers will soon no longer be allowed and in 2024 there will be a ban on plastic disposable packaging for consumption on site. Anticipate this now and immediately switch to more sustainable alternatives. The snack bar industry can make a significant contribution to reducing plastic waste by switching to more sustainable alternatives, such as paper cones.

Why are cone bags better for fries than plastic trays?

Sustainability is of course important, but the most important thing is to offer a quality product to your guests. The paper from which the cones in our range are made ensures that the chips stay warm and crispy longer than in a container. Moreover, the cones are made of grease-resistant paper, so that guests do not suffer from greasy fingers. So, enough reason to switch to paper cone bags instead of plastic containers. It is not only better for the environment, but also produces a better product!

Looking for cone bags? Go for sustainable and cheap

In our range you will find various disposable cone bags made from sustainable materials. For example, we have cones made of FSC® certified wood, which are perfect for serving beautiful side dishes. These cone bags are not only very practical, but also look nice! A cone made of grease-resistant paper is also a good choice for serving fries or other fried snacks. All cone bags are 100% biodegradable and completely plastic-free. Are you unsure which cone is right for you and do you need advice? Please contact our customer service, they will be happy to help you!