Join the week without meat

At TakeAware, we are not beating around the bush: we aim for sustainability. This includes not only reducing plastic use and combating plastic pollution, but actually everything that contributes to improving the environment. This week marks the fourth edition of the National Week Without Meat, and we are happy to join in.

According to the people behind this national week, eating meat every day is simply no longer appropriate for our time. Nowadays, there are so many good options for delicious vegetarian or even plant-based meals that you can hardly ignore them. It's a small effort and has an incredibly large impact on animals and the environment.

In addition to the fact that there are more and more vegetarian options available in supermarkets, there are also more and more good vegetarian restaurants and take-away options on the market. This does not go unnoticed, as more attention is being paid to these restaurants. For example, a certain delivery chain awards prizes every year, and this year a 100% vegetarian and vegan restaurant was declared the absolute game changer of the Netherlands.

Hospitality entrepreneurs with vegetarian options on the menu have already taken a first step towards sustainability regarding the offering of their dishes. The next step is often the choice for sustainable alternatives in other areas of the business. In these special times, where hospitality depends mainly on delivery and take-away, sustainable disposables are a good choice to make this step. At TakeAware, you can find an extensive range of friendly disposables, from salad bowls to wok-to-go cups and from snack bags to carry bags.

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