More margin through disposables

Only 107 days until the ban on single-use plastics comes into effect. A common question is "which snack packaging is allowed?" By responding to this question smartly, it offers opportunities for a higher margin. Discover 3 tips for better returns with more sustainable packaging.

Tip 1: Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Every business has competitors and to survive within your industry, it is necessary to differentiate yourself. When you choose to become more sustainable with, for example, disposables made of sugarcane or palm leaves, you not only create a difference compared to other establishments but also add extra value for your customers. In short, you give your customer a reason to choose your business over others.

By working with sustainable disposables, you stand out in a positive way - and that's what you want! In our range, there is something for everyone because we believe it is essential that there is a more sustainable alternative for everyone. Not everyone has the same budget, so it is important that you can choose what suits you best. Therefore, we offer a suitable solution for every entrepreneur and help you become more sustainable step by step!

Tip 2: Create goodwill with your guests

By choosing friendly disposables, you not only differentiate yourself from other catering establishments but also create goodwill with your guests. More and more people consciously choose sustainable alternatives. So when you present and transport your dishes in environmentally friendly packaging, your guests can enjoy it doubly.

A tip from us: shout it from the rooftops that you are going for sustainability! It's a shame if your customers only find out about this after their purchase. To make the choice easier for your customers, it is important that you communicate clearly and openly about your choices and products. Let them know what you choose, which is appreciated by many. Share it on your social media channels, in your newsletter, on your website, and of course on the menu!

Tip 3: Directly increases margin

Because we are both a producer and supplier of various disposables, we offer them at a competitive price. Despite the fact that we offer sustainable disposables at a very reasonable price, a higher investment is expected of around €0.025 per container on average. Our advice? Incorporate this price into your selling price and be as transparent as possible about it. So, explain why you are increasing your price. In practice, it appears that almost everyone is willing to pay a little extra for sustainability. To really benefit from this, it is wise to round up the investment per container. For example, if you sell a container of fries with sauce for €2.30, don't make it €2.33 but €2.35.

Use the moment of the SUP law to convert all plastics into more sustainable alternatives at once. It's good for the environment, better for your margin, and you also throw away less waste because paper takes up less space than plastic.

What do you find at TakeAware?

There are many different types of disposables available made from different materials. At TakeAware, we try to use as few single-use plastics as possible. For that reason, you will not find plastic chip trays with us, but containers made of sugarcane or kraft with a biodegradable coating of PLA.

Do you need advice on products or more information about the SUP law? Contact us at 050 747 00 03 or send a message via our contact form. We are happy to inform you!