Saving energy in the hospitality industry

Most hospitality businesses consume a lot of energy. Currently, energy costs are rising, so it's smart to critically assess your consumption. Lowering your energy bill can be achieved in the short term with the energy-saving tips below. This way, you contribute to the climate, as well as your own account.

Better handling of heating

Many heating costs can be saved by paying attention to heating. Do not heat the space all day long, and not on the highest setting. A good tip: turn off the radiators an hour before closing time. Guests won't notice, and it saves a significant amount. Additionally, it's wise to keep the radiators clear. Don't place furniture in front of them, and don't cover them with curtains. This way, the heat can spread throughout the entire space instead of staying in one place. It's important to fully benefit from the generated heat.

Pay attention to doors

This may seem obvious, but pay close attention to the doors in your hospitality business. Don't leave doors open for too long, and provide heavy curtains at the entrance to keep the warmth inside and prevent cold from entering. This also applies to intermediate doors that are unnecessarily left open. If there are gaps and cracks in your building, use weatherstripping to seal them. Weatherstripping is simple and effective.

Opt for sustainable lighting

Replace all incandescent and halogen bulbs with LED bulbs. LED bulbs are about 85% more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs. Many kitchens still have old fluorescent lamps, but by replacing them with new ones, energy can also be saved. It's also helpful to put timers on your outdoor lighting. This way, outdoor lighting isn't on unnecessarily long. A small tip for ambiance: use many candles. Candles not only create a cozy atmosphere but also heat up the room significantly.

Saving energy in the kitchen

Turn off unused burners while cooking. This simple action saves about 10%. If you use a fryer in your hospitality business, it's wise not to let the temperature of the oil rise above 180 degrees Celsius. Cover the fryer when not in use to keep the heat inside. This way, as little heat as possible is lost, and it takes less energy to reheat.

Sustainability at TakeAware

At TakeAware, we offer sustainable disposables as a good alternative to plastic packaging. Most of our products contribute to a circular economy, where products and materials have a second life. This way, we like to contribute to saving the climate. We strive for plastic to be a thing of the past, preferably today rather than tomorrow. Are you curious about our assortment? Take a look at our bags and totes, catering boxes, coffee cups, and napkins.