Switch to SUP-proof packaging?

You have probably heard of the term "plastic soup". It refers to all plastic pollution in seas and oceans. A large part of this plastic is caused by single-use packaging. With the help of the Single Use Plastics Directive, the European Union is trying to reduce the share of single-use plastic in litter and in the sea.

Offering (free) plastic bags has been prohibited since 2017. Since July 2021, plastic straws, cutlery, plates and stirrers may no longer be sold. Additional measures came into effect on January 1, 2023, which will have an impact on the tariffs of plastic-containing single-use packaging. You can read more about the new measures in our blog. In this article, you will learn how to make your company SUP-proof in no time and what measures are still to come.

SUP-proof: better today than tomorrow

If you still use plastic-containing disposable packaging, there's no need to panic yet. Currently, these can still be used, with the exception of the previously mentioned straws, plates, etc. However, it is recommended to switch to more sustainable alternatives as soon as possible, as more measures are coming in the future. In January, a new law came into effect that imposes an additional fee for single-use packaging that is partially or entirely made of plastic. This fee is €2.30 per 1,000 pieces. In addition, the costs of any waste management contribution will also be added. Want to make your organization fully SUP-proof? Read on!

4 sustainable alternatives for disposable packaging

The Netherlands is currently working to make reusable products the new norm. Additionally, sustainable plastic-free materials, such as sugarcane, are also a good option for your packaging. There's a lot of information available about the new SUP legislation and you might feel overwhelmed. TakeAware is here to help you out. Below you'll find some possibilities to make your packaging more sustainable with products from our own assortment:

  • Are you serving fries or snacks? Easily replace your plastic snack boxes with boxes that don't contain plastic. For example, go for these frikandel boxes or these fries boxes with sauce compartment.
  • As an alternative to plastic-containing coffee cups, we offer both reusable machine cups and high-quality recyclable cups such as our Halo Cups.
  • Reusable meal containers for the catering industry can also be found on our website. They are designed for professional use in the kitchen and are available in various sizes and colors.
  • Do you serve burgers or sandwiches? This burger box contains no plastic coating and is made of FSC® certified paper pulp, which means that the wood comes from responsibly managed forest areas.

In addition to these alternatives, we have many more plastic-free disposables in our range.

What can we expect?

Since January 1, 2023, the Extended Producer Responsibility legislation has been in effect with the aim of reducing the number of plastic drink cups and single-use packaging by at least 40% in 2026 compared to 2022.

Do you sell takeaway meals or coffee to go? From July 1, 2023, you may no longer give away free plastic disposable cups and meal packaging to consumers. This also applies to the paper cups from which many coffee-to-go drinks are consumed, as they also contain a layer of plastic. As a hospitality business, you must offer a reusable option, charge a small fee (like with plastic bags), or provide a 'bring your own' option.

From January 2024, there will be a ban on the use of non-high-quality recyclable disposable cups and food packaging for consumption on site. Hospitality establishments and offices have the choice to switch to reusable alternatives or high-quality recyclable packaging. In addition, plastic lids and caps must be attached to plastic bottles and drink packaging so that they are ready for recycling when delivered to customers.

Good to know: municipalities can choose to require fully reusable drink cups or food packaging for festivals and other events.

Switching to SUP-proof disposables

Don't wait until all measures are in effect, but switch to sustainable alternatives right away. Replace your plastic-containing packaging with our Friendly Disposables made from sugarcane, wood, palm leaf, or bamboo. Want to get rid of disposable products altogether? Then choose our reusable products. At TakeAware, we strive for a world without plastic and without plastic soup!

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