This is how you celebrate a festive and sustainable New Year's Eve

Fireworks, "oliebollen" (a traditional Dutch donut), champagne and fun. According to many, the best recipe for New Year's Eve. They are just not the most sustainable traditions. For example, the lighting of fireworks creates a large mountain of waste and oliebollen often contain animal products. Enough reasons to opt for environmentally friendly alternatives. With the tips below you can still ensure an unforgettable New Year's Eve!

Alternatives to fireworks

During New Year's Eve, people shoot massive fireworks into the sky. When lighting fireworks, a large amount of particulate matter is released. This is not only unhealthy for humans, but also harmful to the environment. Particulate matter and other remnants of fireworks, such as microplastics, end up in the ground and cause soil and water pollution. Could one of the following alternatives be a good option for the future?

Lighting fireworks together is better than alone

The most environmentally friendly way is not to light any fireworks at all. But for people who still like to ring in the New Year with a bang, organizing a small fireworks show with the whole street might be a good option. Because let's face it, watching fireworks together is much more fun than alone, right? Moreover, you save money and the environment is also less polluted.

Lighting glittering stars

Sparklers, everyone knows them from their childhood. It may not be the most sustainable option, but it creates less waste than decorative fireworks, so definitely give it another shot this year!

Balloons filled with confetti

A nice tip for indoors: balloons with biodegradable confetti in them. A cheerful and colorful alternative to fireworks. At midnight, all guests pop open a balloon with a needle or skewer, and ta-da! You are actually creating a small fireworks show. Tip: the balloons are also a nice decoration on the evening itself.

No New Year's Eve without oliebollen

Indispensable during the turn of the year: a delicious oliebol! But, how do you ensure that this delicacy is also sustainable?

Bake your own vegan donuts

If you are going to bake oliebollen yourself, you will immediately have the most local oliebollen you can have. Please note: many ready-made baking mixes require you to add an egg or a splash of milk. Of course not very sustainable. Opt for a vegan recipe instead! You only need a few ingredients: flour, almond drink, water, (instant) yeast, sugar, salt and sunflower oil or other vegetable oil for frying. Add raisins or currants and bake!

Buying at an oliebol food truck

Are you not a star in the kitchen or do you not have time to bake for hours, but do you still want to enjoy a vegan oliebol? Find a food truck near you! Did you know that traditional oliebollen are vegan? However, many bakers use butter or milk for the batter. To be sure, ask for the ingredients and enjoy a sustainable oliebol.

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