Vegetarian snacks? This is the top 5!

Vegetarian food is becoming increasingly popular. With all the vegetarian options at our favorite fast food chains, the snack bar around the corner can no longer lag behind. To get a good idea of these vegetarian snacks, we have listed them for you below: oyster mushroom bites, beet balls, and zucchini sticks. After reading this blog, you'll never want anything else :)

1. Vegetarian croquette

At the top of the list is the old familiar croquette, but vegetarian. Almost every snack bar now has a veggie croquette on the menu and they are very popular. The main ingredient of this croquette is vegetarian shredded meat made from water, protein, and coloring. The rest of the croquette (the filling and crust) is similar to the recipe of the original croquette. In short: the vegetarian croquette is a good replacement for the 'real' croquette and delicious with mustard on a white roll!

2. Vegetarian "bitterballen"

Like the croquette, the bitterballen is one of our favorite fried snacks. The vegetarian version of the bitterballen is also available, similar to the recipe of the croquette. In addition to these bitterballen, there are also beet balls (with a beet flavor), goat cheese bitterballen, and mac 'n cheese bitterballen. Enough veggie options for the bitterballen, and all equally delicious!

3. Vegetarian "frikandel" (sausage)

The frikandel (a Dutch sausage-shaped meat snack) cannot be left out of this top 5 list because the vegetarian version is fantastic! The veggie frikandel is similar in structure and texture to the meat version and therefore gives the impression that you are eating a 'real' frikandel. The veggie frikandel is made from soy protein, herbs, and water.

4. Veggie burgers

Veggie burgers are now a staple on the menu at burger restaurants. The veggie burger is a vegetarian hamburger that is available in many different variations. There are portobello burgers, mushroom burgers, lentil burgers, and so on. But in addition to all these special vegetable burgers, the 'regular' vegetarian meat burger is the most popular. The meat burger is prepared on a base of soy, protein, water, and flour and is served on a tasty bun with various vegetables.

5. Vegetarian chicken snacks

For almost all chicken snacks at the snack bar, there is a vegetarian version. The 'chicken' used in these snacks is made from soy, water, soy protein, sunflower oil, and sometimes nuts. The crispy crust of the chicken snacks is usually made from breadcrumbs, cornflakes, or panko. The most popular is the vegetarian chicken corn, but the veggie nuggets are also very popular. However, vegetarian chicken spring rolls are the least well-received.

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