We Take Aware: Supping and cleaning up waste!

On Monday, July 25th, it was finally time! Part of our team went on the Groningen canals. We didn't do this just for fun, but also to contribute to cleaner canals. From our SUP boards, we collected all the waste we encountered in the water.

suppen groningen

It had been a warm and sunny weekend. These summery weekends often bring lots of fun and crowds, but also lots of waste! Unfortunately, a large part of it ends up in our canals. And we noticed that! For example, we fished out many bottles and cans from the water.

In addition to cans and bottles, we came across a lot more trash in (and around) the canals. The catch of the day was... a silver slipper! All in all, it was a successful afternoon. This was the first, but certainly not the last time you'll see our colleagues passing by on SUP boards in the Groningen canals.
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