What size coffee cup do I need? We explain it to you!

Did you know that choosing the right coffee cup affects the quality of the coffee? With so many different types and sizes of cups on the market, we understand that it is difficult to make the right choice. Moreover, it can be confusing that the contents of coffee cups are indicated in both cc and ml. In this blog we discuss the difference between these two units and give an overview of all our coffee cups. This makes choosing the right coffee cup a lot easier!


What is the difference between CC and ML?

In the world of coffee cups, the contents are often referred to in milliliters (ml) and cubic centimeters (cc). This leads to confusion among customers, especially when coffee cups are produced and sold in different countries. It is therefore important to know that there is actually no difference at all between cc and ml. A milliliter is exactly equal to a cubic centimeter. The use of ml and cc is therefore mainly a matter of personal preference. In some countries it is customary to indicate the contents of coffee cups in ml, while in others cc is used.

An overview of our coffee cups

Did you know that in the Netherlands we drink an average of 3 cups of coffee per day? Making a nice cup of coffee is of course not possible without good coffee cups. In our digital shelves you will find all kinds of cups, from large to small, made from sustainable materials. To help you make the right choice, you will find an overview of all our coffee cups below.

Overview sizes of coffee cups

120 cc - 120 ml - 4 oz

This is the smallest coffee cup in our range. This cup is perfect for an espresso or ristretto because of its small capacity and narrow design. It is also a very handy format for handing out samples of drinks or sauces at events and fairs.

150cc - 150ml - 6 oz

If you are looking for a cup for a small coffee, this cup is a good choice. This cup is slightly lower than the standard 180 cc coffee cup. Thanks to its size, the cup also fits in many (coffee) vending machines.

177 cc - 177 ml - 7 oz

The 177cc cup is just as high as the 150cc cup, namely 80cm, but slightly wider. This also makes this cup very suitable for small cups of coffee, espresso or, for example, a flat white.

180 cc - 180 ml - 7.5 oz

This is the most popular cup in the professional market. This measure is often used in settings such as offices, schools and sports clubs where drinks are consumed on the spot. The difference with the 177 cc cup is that it is slightly narrower, making it suitable for most vending machines and vending machines. This cup is therefore perfect for regular cups of coffee.

230cc - 230ml - 8 oz

This cup is becoming increasingly popular on the Dutch market because of its sturdiness and high insulation value and is therefore ideal for a standard cappuccino to go!

300 cc - 300 ml - 10 oz

If you are looking for a slightly larger disposable coffee cup to serve a cappuccino or latte macchiato, the 300 cc cup is a good choice. This cup is also ideal for people who like a little more coffee than the standard (180cc) cup, but not as much as the 360cc cup.

360cc - 360ml - 12 oz

The 360 cc coffee cup is suitable for different types of coffee, including americano, cappuccino and latte. The 360 cc coffee cup is also often used in coffee shops and cafes where guests take coffee with them on the go.

450cc - 450ml - 16 oz

Are you looking for an extra large coffee cup? Then the coffee cups with a capacity of 450 ml are perfect for you! The size of this coffee cup makes it ideal for a double cappuccino and latte, but also for bubble tea or even a cup of soup.

You can order coffee supplies from TakeAware

If you serve coffee or tea, you know that in addition to good coffee cups, the right coffee supplies are also essential. At TakeAware, we have everything you need!

We offer cardboard carrier trays in various sizes for coffee to go. For example, we have carrier trays for coffee with two, four and six places. This allows you to easily transport several cups at the same time. In addition to the carrier trays, we also have cup sleeves that are perfect for coffee to go. The drinks stay warm longer! Need lids? These can also be found in our range!

No coffee corner is complete without creamer sticks and sugar sticks. Creamer sticks are the perfect replacement for old-fashioned packs of coffee creamer. Not only do they have a longer shelf life, but they are also handy to take with you on the go. This way your guests can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with milk wherever they are. Our disposable sugar sticks are also ideal for on the go and come in just the right quantities. Need stirrers? In that case, choose our sustainable stirrers made of wood or bamboo.