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Movement is the keyword at Jumpsquare Group, a name known for its innovative trampoline parks where fun, health, and sustainability come together. In a conversation with Remco Wittendorp, Buying and Merchandising Manager Food and New Business, we gain insight into the core values and efforts of the company to make a positive impact on society.

In gesprek met Remco Wittendorp

The Growth of Jumpsquare Group

The journey of Jumpsquare Group began in 2014 with Jump XL, followed by the introduction of Jumpsquare a year later. In 2018, these two entities were merged into Jumpsquare Group, strengthening the company's position in the industry. Thanks to their continuous commitment to innovation and development, Jumpsquare Group has grown into a leading player on an international level.

The core of Jumpsquare Group: health, innovation, and safety

"Jumpsquare Group aims to get people moving," emphasizes Wittendorp. He acknowledges that modern society is increasingly captivated by digital screens, limiting physical activity. This formed the basis for the concept of trampoline parks, focusing on inspiring both young children and adults to be actively engaged in movement.

Jumpsquare Group has set itself apart through its innovative approach and dedication to safety. "Our competition is often smaller and has less room for development," notes Wittendorp. This has enabled Jumpsquare Group to take the lead in terms of safety and innovation. The focus on hospitality also plays a crucial role. "We offer higher quality than other parks," emphasizes Wittendorp. In addition to innovation and safety, Jumpsquare Group also provides digital interaction and experiences in the parks. "We have screens where you see yourself. You become the player of the game."

Bedrukte disposables

The story behind Thirty Six Bistro

Within Jumpsquare Group, a new hospitality concept named 'Thirty Six Bistro' has recently been introduced. The primary goal of Thirty Six Bistro is to create recognizability and uniformity across all parks. This concept draws its inspiration from the year in which the very first modern trampoline was presented to the public, and it pays homage to the rich history of trampolines.

Wittendorp emphasizes the importance of this initiative: "With Thirty Six Bistro, we aim to provide a consistent hospitality experience at all our locations. We aspire for it to be more than just a concept; it should truly become an established hospitality venue within Jumpsquare Group."

Within the hospitality venue, a thoughtful decision has been made to use printed disposables. According to Wittendorp, this choice serves not only a practical purpose but also contributes to strengthening the brand identity. "The printing gives the disposables a recognizable character, enhancing the overall experience for our guests."

An interesting strategy being applied here is the use of disposables for children's meals and reusable tableware for adults. Wittendorp clarifies: "Ceramics convey more quality and are reusable. For children's meals, especially during kids' parties, disposables are more practical due to the speed of service."

Bedrukte disposables

How does Jumpsquare Group contribute to sustainability?

Jumpsquare Group is involved in sustainability on various levels. Some examples of sustainability initiatives include the use of solar panels on the rooftops, the deployment of electric and plug-in cars, and the utilization of more sustainable disposables. Regarding the choice of more sustainable disposables, Wittendorp explains, "Cardboard and sugarcane came up when I was looking for more sustainable materials for disposables. I looked at costs from different parties and how it affects distribution. The products at TakeAware have the best price and adapt to changing regulations for the future. That hits two birds with one stone."

Currently, the biggest challenge is to reconcile health, sustainability, and affordability within the company. Wittendorp notes, "On one side, you have the consumer, and on the other side, the guest. The consumer wants healthy and sustainable options without the price being a factor. But when we look at the data, we see that guests ultimately revert to old habits and still opt for less sustainable alternatives."

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