No hidden costs: prices including environmental surcharges

From January 1, 2023, we as a producer and importer will pay a contribution for all SUP products that we bring to the Dutch market. Unfortunately, we are forced to pass on these costs to our customers. The SUP storage applies to single-use food packaging, which is partly or entirely made of plastic. This also includes cardboard disposables that contain a thin (bio) plastic coating. A fixed amount of 2,30 per 1000 pieces applies to the SUP storage.

In addition to the SUP storage, there is also a waste management contribution for all products that we bring to the Dutch market. This amount depends on the material of the product. The more sustainable the product, the lower this contribution.

The SUP storage, as well as the waste management contribution, is already included in the prices on the website!

Are you ordering with a delivery address outside the Netherlands? Select the relevant country at the bottom of the website and immediately see the right prices for you, without environmental taxes.

Would you like more information about the SUP storage, waste management contribution and the specific amounts? You read it here!