The cheapest in more sustainable disposables

To ensure that sustainable disposables are always available at a very competitive price, we have a large number of disposables in our own production. An advantage is that we have large stocks at our disposal, which we can offer at competitive prices. Curious what that means for you as a customer?

Always a more sustainable alternative

Sustainability is of paramount importance to us. That is precisely the reason why we want to make sustainability available to everyone. From the local snack bar to the chic restaurant in town and the canteen at the sports club. To realize this goal, a large stock is indispensable!

Consistency is key

Another advantage of our large stock is that we can offer consistency. In other words, there are no continuous changes in products or materials. This way you know exactly what to expect with your next order.

Sharp prices

Due to the large number of disposables that we have in-house production and the good deals that we conclude with our suppliers, we offer our sustainable disposables at competitive prices. Switching to sustainable does not have to be expensive at all, on the contrary!


Because of our consistency in products and quality, you know exactly what to expect from us. And that's not the only point where our reliability comes to the fore. Thanks to the large stock, the reliability of our delivery is extremely high!