Flustix is ​​a sustainability label, designed for plastic-free and partially plastic-free products. Flustix analyzes products & supply chains and then labels approved items with a Flustix seal of approval. Flustix supports plastic alternatives and communicates sustainability for innovative brands. Click here for more information about Flustix.


Many of our friendly disposables container the green BIO logo. Products with this logo ae 100% biodegradable and compostable according to EN13432. The products may contain a thin plastic coating, but this is a PLA coating made from the vegetable sugars from corn.


The logo to indicate recyclable materials and products is the universal recycling logo, which is an internationally recognized logo. The symbol is also called the recycle symbol, because all products that can be recycled go through a cycle. After using a product, its raw materials are separated, which form the basis for new products.

FSC® quality mark

The FSC® label stands for Forest Stewardship Council. This is the first international quality mark with strict requirements for sustainability and social forest management. Products that carry an FSC® label are made from material that comes from an area where responsible forest management is practiced. Click here to read more about the FSC® label.